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South Beach Floor Solutions Inc

South Beach Floor Solutions is in the business of transforming concrete surfaces into works of art. Since 1990, we have crafted and perfected our techniques for decorative concrete coatings of all styles, colors, and designs.


Our team is proud to have created floor solutions for hundreds of customers all over beautiful South Florida. Our company was established as an idea between a father and son passing a symbolic torch within the construction industry. Lorenzo has been in the industry 30+ years and has brought his talents for the last 4 years to sunny Miami. We hope to bring our family values to any project you wish to complete!


South Beach Floor Solutions excitedly listens for the next opportunity to make your vision a reality. Our team members undergo extensive training as it takes a skillful eye, precise focus, and well-developed aesthetic sense to create custom masterpieces. With the variety of products to choose from, there’s no doubt our team fits your any and every need.


Our focus on service looks to ensure that you, our customer, enjoy our service and feel proud of your creation. We are confident that our team can find a flooring solution for any and all customers in South Florida. We are here to give you Unique Concrete Creations that you will love for years to come!